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Residential and office building near Poznan, Poland

Attic story of a house – floor plan, near Poznan, Poland

Stocktaking of office and warehouse building in Poznań, Poland

Graphic Identity Elements (business card and folder) in Poznań, Poland


Office building interior design in Poznań, Poland – project architect’s supervision

Holiday house extension in Radomierz, Poland

Single-family house – elevations near Poznan, Poland

Single-family house in Kiekrz, Poland

Terraced house in Strzeszyn, Poland

Law office signboard designs in Śrem, Poland

2012 / 2013

Office building interior design in Poznań, Poland

Residential building – extension near in Poznan, Poland


Extension of a Single-family house in Suchy Las, Poland

Single-family house in Kleszczewo, Poland

Development of a housing estate area and retail park in Września, Poland

Single-family house renovation, garage, stable and several summer houses in Ostrów, Poland

Multi-family buildings (catalogues apartments) in Poznań, Poland

Hotel in Łódź, Poland

Apartment building in Poznań, Poland


Residential and office building renovation in Poznań, Poland

Single-family house interior design in Robakowo, Poland

Single-family house interior design in Skórzewo, Poland

Bathroom interior design in Poznań – Plewiska, Poland

Arsenał municipal Gallery and Military Museum of Wielkopolska – buildins alteration and extension in Poznań, Poland – competition,

Three-roomed flat interior design in Poznań, Poland

2010 / 2011

Surveying a hospital wing for the purpose of further extension and modernisation in Poznań, Poland

Expansion of a semi-detached house in Poznań, Poland